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Today I had to call them re my washer, last month my garage door broke, i called for service and a company was dispatched the springs on my garage door broke as this was not covered under my warranty ahs did not pay for the repair, the company told me i didn't have to pay the service fee if they did the work which i let them do, i did not know whether i pay the fee or not the company bills ahs and they pay the company and ahs will charge you for the fee anyway,well today when i called about my washer i was told about the previous fee, i expressed to the agent i did not have money to pay the previous fee and the new fee for my washer, agent told me she could send me card to cover my fee for the washer but i would still have to pay the previous fee before i could go with my next request, so i told them to cancel request for my washer, at this time i was mad because the garage door tech lied about me not having to pay service fee to them they just billed ahs and knew ahs would get money from me i called garage door company and expressed my displeasure with them to no avail i called ahs back and spoke to a different agent who went ahead and processed the request for my washer and told me when i received the card for the previous fee just call back and they will apply the card then, so now all i have to pay is for the tech to come out for my washer. Read More!
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home warranty companies naples florida

Because homeowners insurance doesn’t cover everything in your home, like appliances, ductwork, air conditioners, heating systems, plumbing systems, electrical systems, and phones, you need additional coverage. Read More

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If the system or appliance failed because it wasn’t maintained the water heater was not flushed or the fridge’s evaporative coils were not cleaned, most home warranty contracts will not cover the cost to repair or replace it.
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home warranty companies naples florida

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  • home warranty companies naples florida

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    I must note that the VERBAL reasons for denial and the WRITTEN reason are ALL DIFFERENT.

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    Then the part took three weeks to get in and we were dying.

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  • home warranty companies naples florida
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