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Home warranties aren't expensive compared to the cost of repairing or replacing most of a home's important components, and this fact is one of a warranty's major selling points. Read More!
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At that time, I just wanted our air conditioner fixed. Read More!
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I called the emergency number for the contractor Sunday night, and he said they'd send someone out the following day Monday. Read More!

hsa home warranty plumbing coverage

It is over 90 degrees in Nashville and our house reaches 85 degrees inside. We have pets and an elderly and this is a health and safety issue. I explained this to a "manager" who explained it will take 3 5 business days for the "back office" to review this. It will also take a few days/weeks for the part to be delivered and then "some time" once the part is delivered for the AC tech to fit it in their schedule for repair. Even though I asked for this to be rushed as it is excessive heat and there are pets and older people in the home, he just says this is their procedure. I will be contacting all governmental and consumer protection agencies over 2 10 Home Buyers Warranty unethical business policies that put the public at risk. Read More

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4/25 Service tech sent to my home. He was there less than 5 minutes and looked at my furnace. Quote came back that it would cost me over $2000, for a new flue, ductwork, etc. I asked how he knew I needed a flue when he never went near the chimney. 4/30 AHS sent another company out. I never heard back from them.
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hsa home warranty plumbing coverage

This is sometimes referred to as a known condition.

  • hsa home warranty plumbing coverage

    Contractors will blame Home Warranty, and Home Warranty will blame Contractors.

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    Reading the entries here I probably should have made more claims, but I didn't.

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    If you chose a contract outside the warranty guidelines you void your warranty and essentially set yourself back.

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